Friday, April 26, 2013

So We're All a Little Bit Blue...

Yesterday, my Sprocket had grommets put in his ears to help his hearing.
When he came home, his little nose bleeding a touch and still subdued, there was not a question that what the little boy wanted the little boy would get. So we're suckers. Mostly, I'm okay with that.
What he wanted was to watch 'big boy' shows on ABC3, which generally are banned.
And to make blue cupcakes.
And if my brave little boy wanted blue cupcakes, well, blue cupcakes he would get. We made the bluest cupcakes I've ever seen or even imagined. A truly beautiful, rich teal. Those with a weaker stomach might have thought the cupcakes distinctly queasifying. The kids loved them and ate them all before they cooled enough to ice.
Now, I should have realised that he'd recovered from his trip to the hospital when I had to tell him off for climbing on top of the wardrobe. But no. When there was a suspicious silence I just thought, O, the kids are playing nicely together.
Eventually, two and two clicked. My Poppet coming through and telling me they hadn't been making a mess in the kitchen, possibly gave the show away. There was just something about her grin.
And they had been playing nicely together.
My beloved heard my exclamation and asked me to tell him it had nothing to do with the blue food dye.
I told him I didn't think I could do that.
Because, playing very nicely and quietly, they'd painted the entire kitchen floor, and a few chairs and the table for good measure, blue.
I think I can safely say that my little one recovered from surgery quite quickly.
We're all a bit blue now. Hands, feet, pyjamas, faces.
It's slowly washing off.


  1. I guess it's good it's washable. Though the woad-coloured ancient British look is interesting, and the kids would stand out in a crowd- and it would be easy to find them if they get lost- as there are not many blue kids about.

  2. I'm so sad you don't have pictures with this post. LOL.

    I hope it washes up soon! at least it's non-toxic... ;-)

  3. We were too busy getting it all off! Luckily it came off really easily, but by the time we saw it the kids had treked it all through the house... blue footprints up the hall, in the bathroom... When we washed them the water turned blue! There's still a slight greenish tint to the floorboard joints but we're pretty much de-blued now!