Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nights Like These

Have I mentioned I love Autumn?
I mean, I really, really love Autumn. I spend so much time moaning through Summer I always feel I need to speak up when a season comes along that I really love.  So here's me speaking up. I love the sound of the rain on my roof. I love the changing colours. I love the crisp cold perfection and blue skies. I love how I suddenly feel full of industry and buzz and words just flow. I love how the bite to the air is so invigorating. I love walking with the rain on my face. I love how cosy it feels when we all curl up together in bed, reading stories and sipping hot chocolate. I love wearing socks and scarves and dressing the kids in adorable woollen hats. I love fires every night and roses hung with raindrops.  Thick soups and stews, crumbles and mulled wines are now firmly on the agenda. Sitting now, eating home made chicken soup and sipping mulled wine, the fire dancing, the dog lying contented in front of it, the kids squabbling companionably as they pretend to be zombies, the world is very good. (On which point I never imagined my 2 year old would give me instructions on how to be a zombie - turns out I need to stick my tongue out more.)
I just want to say thank you Autumn. You can stay all year. 


  1. It is a gorgeous season. Also re zombies- instructions re sticking the tongue out is a great opportunity to remind everyone that zombies must brush their tongues as well as their teeth. so they have lovely clean tongues. I only found out fairly recently that brushing tongues, as well as teeth, reduces the cavity causing bacterial load in the mouth and significantly reduces gum disease

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. Autumn to me is pure perfection.
    Not too hot, not too cold, brilliant colors out in nature, long walks, plenty of photo opportunities and you can still wear cosy bed socks...