Saturday, April 27, 2013


1. My Sprocket, about to go into theatre to get grommets put in. He looked so little and young I just wanted to swoop him up and take him home again! On the way over in the car he'd been saying "I'm a lucky boy, I get to go to daddy's work!" It all went very well and he is once more climbing about at the speed of light!

2. My Poppet, holding onto daddy's hand. Increasingly she just looks so knowing and herself. She's only two and a half but already such a determined, imaginative character. My hilarious little firecracker!

Joining with the lovely Jodi over at Che and Fidel for a photo of my babies once a week in 2013.


  1. Hope the grommets help,such a big thing to have to go through when they are little!
    Your poppet has a fabulous smile!

  2. Your kids are so cute. Love the expression on Sprocket's face and twinkling eyes of Poppet. :)