Friday, February 15, 2013

you got me dancing...

On Valentines day my Beloved put on some of my favourite music.
And my Sprocket said "Dance, mummy, come and dance."
So we all danced. My Beloved and I took turns picking up the little ones and swooping them down and spinning them around and they squealed and stomped and giggled.
I'm happy to know there'll be another generation of kids dancing to music none of their peers have heard about. Silly Wizard anyone? No? Never mind.
Today we're off to Fiddlehead Festival at Yinnar, for more dancing and already I'm humming.
So I'm joining with Maxabella at 52 Weeks of Grateful so grateful for the joy of dancing, for the thrill of the fiddles and for the wonder of music, and the happiness of sharing beloved bands with my kids.  


  1. Music and dancing is such a gift to share with your kids, how lucky they are. Lovely pics, such happiness!

  2. Enjoy the festival, sounds like a perfect plan.

  3. Dancing with littles to any music is just so much fun
    Hope the festival is fab

  4. We were doing this last weekend! Dancing around the kitchen with our girls! So much fun! I wish we'd taken photos of it though! Yours are gorgeous xx