Monday, February 25, 2013

Promises of Autumn

The rain is falling steadily and a cool breeze is easing through the open window and I am so very, very grateful the heat has broken. My poor heat-singed plants are starting to perk up. I can almost hear my roses sing their happy-songs as they soak up all the water.
I'm on the countdown to Autumn now. I'm prepped to make hearty soups and stews and spiced teas slowly cooked on the stove. (The pepper and fresh ginger are crucial and I'm partial to making them with sweetened condensed milk.) The fire is set (dried lavender set to burn) in optimistic hope for a slightly chilled night.
While the rosellas have denuded one of our apple trees the other one still has a crop of near-ripe apples and soon we'll harvest them and start cooking apple crumbles overloaded with cinnamon and apple sauces well spiced with cloves.
Season of mellow fruitfulness, may I just declare: I love you.
I love your golden foliage, I love the tartness of your breezes, I love the welcome rain* you bring my beloved roses, I love how you make me feel like cooking hearty, spicy yum-stuff. I love how you bring lush green back to the landscape. I love how you set my imagination soaring. I love how you empty the beaches for me, so they're mine again. I love how you let me sit beside open fireplaces and contemplate the flames.
I love how you let me wear socks again and be cosy.
So I'm (belatedly!) joining with Maxabella over at 52 Weeks of Grateful,  grateful for the rain, for the promise of Autumn in just a very few days, and for getting to wear socks again for the first time in a very long time!

*Please note, I do not want rain such as they're getting up in Queensland. My heart goes out to all those being flooded and the people being evacuated from their homes. But a leetle bit more would be good.

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  1. Autumn is definitely my favourite season. Love the things that you described - especially the hearty soups and the lush green...
    Ronnie xo