Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Banner

Look, look up.
See my new banner! Painted by yours truly.
Okay, drawn in water coloured pencils and then splattered with water. The cheats way, I know. But I've been wanting a new banner for awhile and I fixated on wanting a dragon. This is only take one so expect changes! I'm also going to keep tinkering with other drawings from my WIP Dragons' Nests. I'm finding it helpful for solidifying scenes and working things out.
Of course, in the scene I attempted drawing, the building being carried has three towers, not two and the dragon is purple, not red, but red looked better and three towers was too hard to fit in. I am having more sympathy for illustrators!
I'm already having a lot of ideas for more drawings, which is a blast. I want to draw the wolf queens fort and a map of the Lands of Lost Lore for a start. And I really think the emporium (with it's secret staircase into the Lands of Lost Lore) needs it's own drawing, and not just my rough little scetches.
I'm not happy with my drawings now, but I figure if I keep drawing in another 10,000 hours I should be able to get a rough approximation of the images in my head!
I'm loving drawing because we can do it as a family. My beloved draws misshapen organs (he's a med-student and it helps him learn his anatomy), I draw magical lands and my Poppet and Sprocket draw masterpieces needing long explanations.

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