Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Stills

1. Beach bags. A carry-all bilum my mum-in-law's workmates made in PNG for my Sprocket when he was a baby. It carries everything and then some
2. I found a crab floating around Tidal River and scooped it up for my Sprocket before I realised it was still alive. He carried it around until he found the perfect crab home. He's just checking the rocks for good homes
3. My Poppet making off with the car keys...
4.Putting her hat on back to front...
5.My Poppet crossing Tidal River
6. Sprocket and Crab
7. Poppet hiding behind a boulder
8. Sprocket's feet as he surveys the world
9. Squeaky Beach. The sand really does squeak!
10. Islands at Wilson's Promontory
11. A wallaby. We had a lot of discussions about whether it had a joey or not - and then realised it was a boy wallaby!

Once again a little late for Sunday Stills - I'm thinking of calling it Weekly Stills! I finally took my Beloved (a Queenslander) to Wilson's Prom National Park this weekend, after telling him he'd love it for the past seven years. Tidal river was perfect for my Poppet who loved lolling in it's stillness, and my Sprocket climbed the boulders like a mountain goat.
It was a completely magical day of white sand, sparkling sea and happy children. We followed the river to our own private river beach (unfortunately displacing a couple who took one look at us rounding the bend and fled, the guy shooting us an accusing look as they hastily donned clothes - but come on, it was broad daylight with gazillions of people swarming around! My Beloved was a lot more sympathetic to their plight)
We went to the main beach and frolicked and built sandcastles and climbed boulders, before heading for Squeaky Beach where we played hide and seek in more boulders and lolled in a sandy river.

Salt, sand, sea, stone (oh, and icecream) bliss. We'll be back very soon!

Joining with the lovely Em of The Beetle Shack for weekly stills.

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  1. The kids must've loved every moment. What bliss.
    Ronnie xo