Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Would it Smell as Sweet?

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?
Say, if roses were humperdinks instead, would we like them as much?
I still love hydrangeas, although I'm not a fan of their name. I think it makes them sound deranged. I prefer them when I think of them as snowball-bushes.
I'm in the midst of a character (re)naming.
It's the middle of the night, (1.54 to be precise) and I'm finally getting some editing done after a holiday hiatus... and... I keep seeing one name and stopping. It's just not right.
My character is small and sharp, vivid and mercurial. A barista (with a degree in International Relations her mum nagged her into getting) she's the eldest and mama wolf of five sisters who re-discover the magical world of their childhood. And I need the perfect name for her.
She's a secondary character in the book I'm editing, but she'll be a primary in a book I write later in the year. (Overly Caffeinated Werewolves Are Not Pretty - yay for a great excuse to drink A LOT of coffee and do some intensive pinteresting!)
And she started off (years ago) as Chardie. I know. I don't know what I was thinking either. I must have been momentarily deranged. And not in a nice hydrangea-y way. In a totally flipped way.
I moved on to Bella. But realised that a certain vampire series makes that name a bit used. Passe. Old hat. Which is a shame, as I loved it until the whole Twilight thing was pointed out to me and I deflated.
I moved on to Belle. But then realised as the main character is called Nell... that's not quite where I want to go. Nell-Belle, Pell-Mell. Sigh.
So now I'm searching for a name. The name. The one that sings.
Midnight inspiration... please strike soon.
Something short (a diminutive of a longer, elegant name preferably), something sharp. Something that makes you think of an edgy, no-nonsense, latently were-wolf, coffee snob? Preferably ending in something other than L, O, A or Y.
Not that I'm picky or anything.
Midnight inspiration please strike soon... soon... soon... Sigh.
Looks like I'll be hitting the name books tomorrow.


  1. Catriona, with Cat for short? Eleanor/Nora?

    I met a bartender who was INCREDIBLE...her name was LZ (rather than Elsie), for Elizabeth. She was spunky, imaginative, a little snobby...and a fantastic creator of high-end cocktails. :-)

  2. I love Cat - but I'm using the name for another book this year! I'll think about the others... A creator of high-end cocktails sounds excellent... let me ponder...

  3. How about Lys, Angie (Angharad) , Leah, Jenet, Mel or Sine (Melusine)

  4. I'm thinking of Mia at the moment (short for Mariama) or possible Tash short for Tatiana. I looked for wolf names but wasn't sure of Lupe or Lupita..Although Lu short for Lupita might work...

  5. Or maybe Liv.. short for Olivia... but then thee's the Olivia show on tv about the little pig... I'd always hear the theme!