Friday, January 11, 2013


This year I'm concentrating on being joyous.
So far I've managed hot and sweaty. (With moments of  delight)
But I thought I'd think about the things that make me feel joyous, so I know how to search them out and savour.

The sea. Swimming in the sea, eyes open amidst the green, held in a cresting wave.
The shore. wandering the tideline searching for ocean treasures
The lull of the waves on the sand
The sound of the rain on the roof. The drama of storms
Open fires (particularly burning dried lavender or spices)
Cuddling in bed with my children, reading stories.
Spending time with my beloved
Music. particularly celtic. particularly live. particularly live celtic. (Port Arlington Celtic Festival 2013 here we come!)
Encountering an animal in the wild. a dolphin. an echidna. a wallaby. sharing a moment. I dream of diving deep and seeing a seahorse. One day.
My kids gleeful, uncontrollable, wild giggles.
Talking with my little ones about the day, when lights are out and all is still
Flowers. just thinking about them makes me smile. roses. gardenias. magnolias. fresias. daphne. blossom. peonies. lilies. lavender. hydrangeas. frangipanis so many. love. and love. and love.
Gardening. admiring my roses, carefully bedding my seedlings, plucking bounty from my garden
Twilight. walking by twilight when the world smells fresh and the stars are first appearing
The hilarious things the kids say
Walking in forests, when time slows to the leisurely fall of a leaf and the flow of a stream
Beginning a new book by a beloved author
Discovering a new, and wonderful, author
My kids arms around my neck, their hugs and noisy kisses
Beginning writing a new book or finishing writing a long dreamt of book. equally exhilarating!
The perfect dessert. sticky date pudding. mmm. apple crumble and custard. creme brulee.
The perfect cup of tea. or coffee. or hot chocolate.
Heady, wine fuelled debate and discussion
The flight of birds
The heart-piercing image
The unexpected kindness
The love and friendship of family and friends
Travelling to new places
Packing for new places

And the thing is, so many of these are so everyday. It's so easy to light a candle, put on some music, pick some flowers, spend time in the garden, read a story, walk the dog in the dusk, tickle a kid, make a cup of tea, hold hands with my beloved.
Today I'm joining with Maxabella and 52 Weeks of Grateful, so thankful for all the many things in the world that bring joy. So grateful for the moments of still. The moments of wild exileration. So grateful to look forward to a year crammed full of joy.

What brings you joy?


  1. What a long list of joy! Currently bringing me joy; my littlest one has started saying I love you (and when she says it to her brother - oh my heart!), deciding which book to read next, watching my son and his dad enjoying each other's company, discovering a lovely local pizza place, rediscovering classical music, coffee and air-con.

  2. Oh my goodness, so much grateful is just wonderful! It's amazing what you can find when you look :)