Friday, January 4, 2013

Summer in the City

 (Very happy, with citycat in the background. I Love the citycats! My beloved would be in this but he still has dreams of being an International Super-Sleuth so doesn't like to have photos taken)

My Beloved and I gave each other a couple of nights in a hotel for our Christmas presents, and with my Beloveds wonderful folks taking care of the kids, we've been spending the last few days being beautifully decadent.
We've been going to the toilet all. by. ourselves. and sipping leisurely coffees. We've been waking up after seven. We've been strolling Brisbane city hand in hand without rounding up any little munchkins.
Although there have been a couple of times we've nearly weakened and gone 'we could just pop up and see the kids for dinner/lunch/cuddles' and we've had a few phone and skype conversations (cue tears, we haven't seen our wee ones for hours) we've been enjoying serious 'us' time. (And I may or may not have raced through 4 books sprawled on the ultra comfy bed - just like in my pre-kid days. Yes - once I  too, was a wild-child, up to all hours of the night!)
Today I've got great big list of joyful gratefuls to spill out.
I'm grateful for my Beloved (of course!) and for time to enjoy each other.
For my in-laws who are looking after two very happy kids and giving us this time.
For Brisbane - a city I'm just getting to know. She's a lovely, welcoming and relaxed old lady, fond of bright colours but with a beautiful sandstone backbone. We strolled through the botanical gardens which, while small, were lovely (and okay, we did spend some time exclaiming how much the kids would like it, especially when we saw the massive lizard and mangrove boardwalk) and I went on the citycat for my very first time.
And can I just say?
The citycat, - ferries that hop up and down the river - are the best public transport I have ever been on. (And I love my public transport) Scenic, fast, the city sites spread on either side, friendly helpful staff, the wind in our hair. So cool.
I'm grateful for summer days and cool breezes
And big comfy beds and lots of books
For deeply green gardens
Amazing desserts (I told you about my healthy eating kick, huh. That had to have been at least two serves of fruit!)
And just holding hands
And antique shops and op-shops
And that very soon we'll be with our little ones again!
So... I'm joining with Bron of Maxabella quite overflowing with gratefulness for this first (belated) 52 Weeks of Grateful  for 2013! That has to be auspicious!
What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Oh, bliss, bliss, bliss! I recently holidayed in Brisbane for the first time and had such an awesome time with my family. It is a lovely city, I will definitely be back (especially as we have in-laws there!). How lucky you and your beloved are to enjoy this treat.

  2. Oh that sounds just wonderful Kirsty; the couple-time, the sleeping past 7, the books. Lucky you.

  3. Such a lovely break, so glad you enjoyed it. I feel very lucky to live in this beautiful city :)

  4. That sounds SO GOOD. A little mini break is so refreshing. Just a break from the everyday routine that we set ourselves up with. I hope your year is filled with such abundance, Kirsty. x