Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stills 4/52

1. My sprocket surveying the world from the tree tops
2. My beloved's folks have been staying with us the last week, cutting down trees, putting up fences, taking away junk and basically making everything all wonderful. Now they're driving back up to Queensland and we're so worried for them with the floods...
3. Sprocket and Poppet hugging
4. Sprocket on the trampoline with his Nana
5. My beloved and his dad putting the pickets up on our brand new front fence. Did I mention my beloved's mum and I painted 160 pickets... two undercoats and then a final coat in situ. But... ooo they look good now!
6. Trialling how our pickets would look
7. Painting gear. Crocs may be ugly but they're so good for slipping on and off when you've been painting outside!

It's been such a hot and hectic week. We've been watching the smoke and keeping an eye on the fires all week, and now as my in-laws drive home to Queensland we're suddenly worried about flooding and tornadoes instead... (we love a sunburnt country... )
Now, we have a brand new, blindingly white picket fence (which I know if a cliche, but I still love it!)
The weather here has thankfully cooled and this week we really step into the routine of the year.
Joining with Em at the The Beetleshack for Sunday Stills.
And wishing everyone a wonderful new week, hopefully with neither floods nor fires.


  1. oooo no stay safe, floods and fires!!! we have snow here in the UK. loving your pictures, your fence is beautiful, we have a fence war going on at the moment as out 6 month puppy keeps breaking through my picket fence and my husband has turned into some deranged 'stop the dog' monster. my dreams of white picket have been replaced with chicken wire and wrapped bailer twine! can i just look at yours and enjoy? xxxxstay safe and happy sunday xxx

  2. Oh your beautiful littles hugging. There's nothing better than sibling love (and it's so nice to have a break from being referee, no?)
    AND there is nothing better than a white picket fence! So gorgeous.
    Praying your inlaws stay safe, and your home isn't in any fires' pathway.
    Enjoy your public holiday today, and have a great week Kirsty!