Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Stills (First of 2013!)

Summer is passing in a lazy whirr. Our days up here in Queensland are coming to a close and we're beginning to plan the drive back down to Gippsland. Another adventure.
It's so lovely to look back over the photos of the last week and see all that we've crammed in. Culling the photos has not been so fun. I keep aiming to keep my Sunday Stills to seven (see all those lovely sibilant 's's! But no. Fail! (Again!)
Despite my failure to adequately cull, it's lovely to be joining - for the first time in 2013 - with Em over at The Beetleshack for Sunday Stills!

1. Poppet and Sprocket at the beach. Waiting for the 8pm New Years fireworks at Bribie Island
2. Sprocket searching for crabs (and sea monsters!)
3. Poppet - very festive for the New Year. In the costume her Nana brought back from Egypt (Doubling as a nightie!)
5. Gotta love a glowstick!
6. My precious monkey boy (Costume courtesy of Lifeline op-shop, Brisbane CBD)
7. Unknown but lovely white flower from Brisbane Botanical Gardens
8.Poppet holding her first fishing rod
9.S-s-s-nake. I'm originally a Melbourne girl. Snakes are a rarity for me. This was a red-bellied black up the street from my in-laws. Yep. Photo taken from the car. Luckily I didn't see the brown snake that was removed from the front doorstep yesterday. Gulp. Have to say they move beautifully. Like a dream to watch.
10.From our first ever family fishing trip


  1. ew snake! makes me glad we do not have snakes here :)

    I love the glowstick photo!

    1. I won't miss the snakes when we go home and they're not such a common visitor! Glowsticks make everything a party!

  2. It's lovely to have you.

    Don't even get me started on the snakes- SO NOT COOL.

    xo em

    1. I know - I never worried about snakes.. until I had little ones who'd be quite likely to pick one up and come running 'Look mummy, dangerous, don't touch!' I live in dread!

  3. Great summer photos...all that is except the snake....not my thing either. x