Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Stills (2/52)

It's early Tuesday morning and my Sprocket still sleeps beside me. Last night we tumbled into our own house after our epic three day drive home from Queensland to Gippsland. So this is a leetle late for Sunday Stills but here's the roundup for the last week.

1. My Sprocket looking very old in his Nana and Grandpa's garden.
2. My Popppet about to eat one of her Nana's tomatoes. (It wasn't the birds)
3. My Sprocket  up a tree. Note lovely aqua nails.
4. The dolphin, Patch, the kids fed at Tin Can Bay on the way up to see friends at Hervey Bay.
5. My Beloved putting away the chess pieces after he played a game with an old friend who has just moved to Hervey Bay. (I was asleep on the couch savouring the sea breezes and hopefully not snoring too loudly. We woke at 4.45am that morning to get to Tin Can Bay in time to feed the dolphins. Soo sleepy!)
6. Photos from our trip home. Quick paddle at Coff's Harbour where we stayed the first night. Just before our epic drive to Canberra.
7. One of the amazing rivers along the NSW coast. Did any one else know NSW has stolen ALL the big rivers. Every few miles we crossed another massive water body.
8. Port Maquarie. The best. We stopped for fish and chips on the beach. (Sublime fish and chips.) Great surf, amazing sweeps of pale sand beach after pale sand beach. We can live here. My Papa  says I just felt at home because of my convict roots as it was an old penal colony. Whatever. We can move.
9. We hit Sydney and it started bucketing down and the temperature plummeted.* We could hardly see the road. And don't get me started on the almost sheer vertical mountain (don't they know about tunnels? zig-zags, going around?) between Sydney and Canberra. In the rain. In the dark. So scary.

But now we're home!
Sleepily joining with Em at The Beetleshack for the second Sunday Stills of 2013. Time seems to speeding away very fast this year! Are we truly two weeks in?

*The rain was of course a GOOD THING because of all the fires. We were scanning for smoke and  checking reports the whole drive. The first drops were such a relief. 


  1. Such sweet images and vivid descriptions, I almost feel I am there. London is snowing and subzero cold, so it is lovely to see your pictures - feel like I'm transported on holiday. Your kids are sooo cute - you've got to love those cute little toes climbing the tree :) xx

  2. i want to snap a photo of a dolphin like that- so divine!
    love these, great little getaway by the look of things!
    xx ashley