Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Stills (Last of 2012!)

The last photos for 2012. We're savouring our holidays with my Beloved's folk - beach trips and mangoes, lush green and frogs croaking. The days are gliding by all too fast!

1. A wonderful Summer rain. I love the sound of it on the roof and listening to the frogs heralding it's arrival
2. Christmas Candles
3. Christmas tree out on the porch.
4. Making the (Gluten Free) Christmas pudding. My favourite recipe. Heaps of cherries and lots of dried pineapple. Mmmm!
5. My Poppet and Sprocket's Great Nana
6. Grandpa Sheba's pigeons circling the garden as they prepare to come down to their loft to roost for the night
7. Mangoes on the tree just before they were cut down to ripen on the porch before the birds and fruit bats got them
8. My Poppet on the swing

Joining with the lovely Em of The beetleshack for the last Sunday Stills of 2012. I've loved capturing the little moments and I'm looking forward to completing a whole year of Sunday Stills next year!

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