Friday, December 14, 2012

Grateful for the Rain

Yesterday a cool breeze came calling at the end of a sweltering day.
The first heavy drops fell.
More, and then more. They began pattering upon the roof and we all smiled with relief, energy, vivacity, good-temper returning.
Coolness and darkness descended as one.
And I am so very glad for the heat to be gone. For the joy of the soft falling rain.
Today has been such a gentle grey day, full of rain showers. My garden has thankfully soaked it up and I have admired raindrops on roses and caught upon leaves.
After a week of rush and worry and preparations it has been so lovely just to listen to the rain, to breath deep of moist earth (say it, petrichor) and the scent of wet grass.
This week I'm joining with Maxabella and 52 Weeks of Grateful to give thanks for rain and for the joy of all green and growing things.  


  1. It is raining here right now Kirsty, and I am enjoying the sounds and the scent as I type. Lovely writing.

  2. Yes I am very grateful for this. We've been at breaking point for the last few days and the rain has now mean't a couple of things will not be. Upset, not at all, in turn it means we had an early night tonight and get a day at home tomorrow. well needed.

  3. I agree, we had some respite from the heat today with some lovely cool breezes and light rain. I actually went out and did some gardening in it, it was very refreshing!

  4. So well said. We've had a few afternoon storms here as well, and that first drop in temperature is worth gold!