Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Ever Day at the Races

Were you horsie as a kid?

I was - in so much as I read every book there was about horses.
The Silver Brumby (and all the ones that came after,) by Elaine Mitchell, the My Friend Flicka trilogy, A Dream of Saddlers Wells (and all the Wells books in the series - ballet and horses how can you go wrong?) Various novels set in the Yorkshire moors about a horse I think was called Thunderwith... or Fireheart... or maybe I'm confusing them now.
Anyway, in my head I was incredibly horsie. In a romantic, riding into the mist kind of way. Not so much a falling off, cleaning out dung kind of way.
In real life the few times I tried riding I hobbled for the next day or so.
Today we went to the races. It was my first time ever. It was very exciting. We won $35 dollars.
My Poppet fell in love. Look at her. I'm fairly sure she's sizing the horses up to work out if they'll fit in the back garden. She's even worked out which horse. Obviously, 'the pink one'.
I'm not sure when she'll work out the jockey isn't included.

Poppet's Pink Horse.

Discovering the Pink Horse wasn't coming back, Poppet buried her sorrows in strawberries. (And demolished the better part of a sponge cake. Oops.)

Do you ever go to the races?

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