Saturday, December 1, 2012


Sometimes you just need some green stuffs.

Sometimes you just need to get a big muddy,

study bugs

and be great swordswomen

We'd meant to go to the beach today, but somehow ended up in the forest instead.

We've been all festy and feral this week (and that's just my beloved and me, let's not get started on the kids) with head colds and coughs that just linger.*

Today the cool and green, the bird calls, the slow falling leaves, the noise of the fast flowing stream, gave us the space we needed to put ourselves back together again.

*My Beloved tried to tell me he has meningitis, and I was forced to inform him that what he actually has is med-student-itis, in other words, a common cold like the rest of us. Although he could probably put forth a decent case for 'man flu'. 


  1. Love the pic with the sunglasses! :-)

  2. I love it - she's just at the age she's trying to be a mini-me!

  3. That's right- the picture with sunglasses is the best! :-)

  4. Nothing like a good dose of nature to restore us! Love your words, and the images are gorgeous. Do hope you're all feeling better xx

  5. oh but man flu! so serious and dangerous. I prescribe a cup of concrete, stat. those bare piggy toes in the mud are pure happiness! have a sweet day! :)sarah