Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and has even brought with it blue skies (for the moment!) We've been delighting in the sunny blue sky days and I've been oohing over my garden. Blossom and jonquils, buds on what I fondly imagine will be freesias, wattle, roses, tender green leaves and daisies are all coming out to play.
I even have one small, bedraggled magnolia on my small, bedraggled magnolia bush . (Any tips on the care of magnolias would be greatly appreciated. I adore magnolias but mine is... frail, to say the least. Do they need extra water? Acid? No acid? Food? Mulch?)  There are also four magnolia buds sitting beneath my sickly bush. I am not entirely sure which child to look at with accusing eyes, because although it is more a Sprocket trademark, Poppet does like her 'pretty flowers'.
Last night I snuck out of the house for a romantic tryst with our dog, who has been sadly neglected walk-wise during all our leurgies. While My Beloved watched the kids in the bath,  Issy and I went for a beautiful starlit-stroll. The air was full of the scent of blossom and fresh cut grass and I kept taking great snortling nose-fulls of it. It was addictive. Horses whinnied from the fields and frogs croaked from the muddy ditches.  I didn't know whether to start singing or dancing, it was that sort of night.
O Spring, I love you!