Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Um. Fail.

The sun is shining and the kids are cavorting in the garden.
My Beloved has come home from the hospital for lunch and we're enjoying the great outdoors, keeping an eye on the kids so they don't fall out of any particularly high trees and sipping tea.
"Four years is quite a long time," My Beloved says.
I rush to console him. "But we're halfway through! We'll be out in two years!"
He just looks at me. And looks at me. "Will we? I didn't know you had plans in that direction."
Oh. Fail. Massive fail.
So yes. My Beloved's Medicine Course is four years long and we're pretty much halfway through now, touch wood.
But um. It's also our four year wedding anniversary.
Which I knew, and completely reminded my Beloved of when he first came home (after careful checking of the calendar as the days have been getting away from me recently) and we'd made plans to do something incredibly exciting and romantic like get pizza for dinner.* But that had been whole minutes ago and it had momentarily slipped my brain.
But anyway. Four years today.
It's been fun.

*We made a big deal of the anniversary of-when-we-started-going-out a few weeks ago, so this one's more in the way of a little happy sigh and nostalgia journey. 

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