Friday, August 31, 2012

goodbye winter (we might miss you!)

Today's the last day of winter down here in Oz (I never quite know about season changes Up Top in the Northern Hemisphere. I keep meaning to google it but never quite get round to it) so we're doing 'goodbye to winter' things - a big open fire with pine cones cracking, mulled wine (thanks to Jenni for the recipe, it's perfect!), wee ones cuddled up and watching the flames while we listen to the rain pattering on the roof.

But as much as we've enjoyed some aspects of winter, my heart lifts at the forebringers of spring: the trees white with blossom, the first jonquils and daffodils, the increasing number of blue-sky-days. 
We made a last minute dash to one of the playgrounds today and the first of today's rain started - a gentle spring-like shower, bringing with it a double rainbow. It seemed somehow fitting - new starts and beginnings and promises of sunny days. 
The wonder on my little one's faces as they saw the rainbows across the lake made my Beloved and I grin and go 'aww.' 
Goodbye winter, welcome spring!

                                        It's a rainbow! 


 The rainbow on the way home from the playground. Faded a bit and not as spectacular... but very pretty!


  1. how is it the last day of winter? Are the equinoxes or solstices or whatever not the same in northern and southern hemispheres? Or is that not how you calculate seasons? I think our official "last day of summer" is September 21. then it's autumn until December 21 (though where I live winter certainly comes in early November, lol), then winter until march, then spring until june. etc. hmm.

  2. Our seasons change on the last day of the month not equinoxes and solstices - and thankyou for clearing that up for me - that's how you work your seasons out - I knew they were different from ours, I just wasn't sure why! Anyway, with our seasons ending at the end of the month, yesterday was the last day of winter, the last day of spring will be the 30th of November and the last day of summer (my birthday!) the 28th (or 29th) of Feb. Autumn ends on the last day of May. Isn't it strange our seasons aren't just back to front - they don't even match! Certainly the weather and wildlife don't have a clue!

  3. odd! Although I think our way is also odd. it seems like maybe there should be a more evidence-based way of calculating seasons than by the calendar, LOL! perhaps when there are a certain number of days of a certain temperature or something. although that would mean that this year summer came to us about 4 months early (and then there was more frost afterward!). so maybe not....