Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 'H' Word.

I've been pondering this for awhile now - why are so many swear words about an activity most of us really quite enjoy or body parts we're pleased to have attached and in working order.
When really, the truly nasty things all centre around the 'h' word. Whisper it h-h-h-housework.
You know, the really nasty one. Scrubbing poo off a toddlers undies during the Great Toilet Training, the zillions of loads of sheets during a particularly virulent lot of gastro, scrubbing the toilet - anytime, although particularly when an enthusiastic toddler has demanded to empty the potty themselves and then shook it... And that's not even getting onto the stuff that should (ahem) be done everyday, the never ending sweeping, mopping, removal of half eaten apples, disposal of compost and rubbish.
Scrub it. I feel queasy just thinking about it all.
Before we started going out not one, not two, but three separate people (that I know of) warned my beloved that I am Messy. Note the capital. Not just a leetle messy. Really, really messy.
I count this circumstance as fortunate as it left my Beloved no excuse for thinking housework and myself were ever going to be anything but the bitterest of enemies and any cleaning done would (and does) fall largely on his shoulders.*
Myself, I suspect it was not my ability to mop a floor my Beloved was thinking of at the time, and find the warnings entertaining, but then, they've worked out very well for me.
But now I'm at home all the time with a messy house, googling how to mop a floor and wondering if I just stock up on enough bleach will the house magically clean itself. Sigh.
And all I can say is scrub it.

What's your relationship with housework? Friends? Enemies? Frenemies? 

And what would your ultimate swear-word be? 'Scrub it' works for me, but I can see there could be interesting variations. 

*This is as it should be, according to longstanding Anderson Family tradition, as my Dad also does all the cooking and housework. I believe it's very important to respect and continue our cultural ways. My Beloved had time to observe this before we married, so he went in knowing the importance of ensuring that dinner is on the table at 6.00 precisely, with salad and vegetable sides. Of course, he's still learning, so I grant him some lee-way.


  1. Alas my dear,as you would know, housework is therapy for me. I find nothing better than to wake up, scrub the toilet, clean the kitchen and wash the already clean floor (because I mopped it before I went to bed the night before). I am me and you and you. What I am most glad about is that you accept me for who I am and I love you just the way you are.

  2. Enemy. Totally.
    Swear words...hmmm
    "sweep you"
    "dust off"
    LOL :-)