Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making a Splash

It was a glorious blue sky day today and Aunty Bec, the kids and I went exploring. We stumbled upon the Old Gippstown heritage village, which was perfect for two toddlers who like to explore.
On entry the kids were given a bag of bread each to feed the ducks and their mission for the visit was to find the animals and feed them - by force if neccessary. Luckily they were very tame ducks and eager for food. 
The kids got to sit in old cars (and fire engines), visit an old doctor's surgery (I took photos for my Beloved) watch a blacksmith at work and explore at will. There was a wonderful big slide, which had Bec and I biting our lip at the height but the kids climbed like pros, and ... best of all, a duck pond to fall into... which my Sprocket did with aplomb. Poppet tried to help him out, but I am unconvinced of her helpfulness. 
I've been wondering recently what my little ones will remember of their childhood - and I hope that they have some (happy!) memory of today. It really was one of those happy-times! 

                      Pulling Sprocket out of the Duckpond...


  1. Those lovely photos will be great for bringing back memories of childhood

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