Friday, September 28, 2012

Beach Daze

We've got the sticky, tight, lazy feeling that comes from a morning in the sun by the sea.*
As we sit on the verandah my Poppet is drawing with her aunty ('Headphones go there! My dolly!') and the sky is rapidly darkening into storm. The chimes ring out and the pigeons coo while the banana leaves are beginning to wave in the wind.
You've picked up we may no longer be in temperate Victoria? Too true. Refusing to be parted from Aunty Becky, the kids and I hopped on the plane up to Queensland with her** and are presently enjoying balmy days and lush green.
Not that I mean to make anyone jealous, but it is very pleasant here.

*I have just discovered my Sprocket has brought his 'sea-babies' (washed up jellyfish chunks - sorry, egg sacks from the conical sand snail, thanks Bec!) home from the beach. I am hoping he doesn't put them into my bed, as he did his other  'baby', the slater.

*It was an 11 hour trip from our home in Gippsland up to our home-from-home in Queensland. The children were angels on the flight and many car trips. But all up it was a long day of travel and the kids and I fell into bed in a weary heap of unwashed, un-teeth brushed peoples at its close.