Thursday, September 6, 2012

Checked Out

Last year I was checked out heaps.
It made me feel like a Very Important Person and not so much like a mum-with-her-hair-in-a-bun-cos-it-hasn't-been-combed-in-a-week.
This year I've hardly been checked out at all. It makes me feel like a Not So Important Person.
Last year I was checked out, with satisfying interest, from the ends of my tippy-toes to the tips of my hair on an almost daily basis.
This year, not so much.
My Beloved has real-live-sick people to check out this year, as he's been based at the hospital for his studies. I have no longer been needed in my role of pseudo-sick person. I have been all discarded as he moved on to the new and really-sick.
It used to be so romantic. My beloved would take my hands in his and lovingly stare at them. "So I'm looking for signs of abnormalities or deformities. I'm looking for any signs of clubbing which would indicate heart disease-"
Generally at that point I would tell him to work on his bedside manner. No one really wants to be told they're being examined for signs of 'deformities.'
But My Beloved has his end of year exams coming up soon.* And it turns out that the exams you do on really sick people and the exams you're tested on, are different. For one thing real patients don't like a running commentary about how their baby-doc ** is checking them out for signs of deformities.
So .... wait for it - I'm going to be checked out again!
All of which means that if you don't hear from me in awhile it is because My Beloved is staring deep into my eyes - "So I'm looking for Kaiser-Flescher rings which would indicate..."

*And has been informed that if he fails and we have to re-do the year I might start talking to him again in June or July. So I figure I need to help out however I can. Failure would also mean a complete ban on computer games which, oddly, seems to be of more concern to him.
**This is what the International Medical Students used to be called in the Solomon Islands. I always liked it. 


  1. Ingrid (the ignored mother who required checking out in August)September 7, 2012 at 3:36 AM

    Wish We were there. I need checking out!!! Good luck.

  2. We wish you were here too! I will point out his general all around checking-out fail in hopes he does some big-time catch up when he comes up to Caboolture in October!