Tuesday, September 25, 2012


With vague irony,we travelled to the Big Smoke on Saturday and, after picking up wonderful Aunty Bec at the airport, hied our way via many a detour to the Collingwood Children's Farm. Here my country kids stroked goats, observed ducks and chickens, held guinea pigs and ignored sheep, horses and cows for the delights of playing pirates. It was Little Cousin Sophia's birthday and all us big people oohed and aahed to see the kids playing together so beautifully.

                                               Cousin Sophia is Two!
                               Who would believe this is within a couple of K of Melbourne CBD?
                                                                    Cousins holding guinea pigs

Sunday was another big day as we showed Aunty Bec the delights of Gippsland and went on a trip to Phillip Island. Although we failed dismally at seeing seals at the Knobbies (the visitor centre is brilliant though... there is an indoor play centre attached to the cafe - winner) we did manage to find a winery and a chocolate factory...

                           Looking for seals at the Knobbies

                                                                            Sprocket the Seal...
                                                       Walking into Silver with my Poppet
                                                                   Not seeing any seals...

                                                                    In the chocolate Factory...