Sunday, August 10, 2014

moments: wintry with signs of spring

- a lily in the kitchen one very cold winters morning. all the windows were covered with condensation on the inside and ice on the outside. a bucket of water in the garden was topped in ice, washing on the line was coated in ice, and on the way to school fields were whitened with/frost snow. It was all very beautiful and exciting - a true winter wonderland, and the kids and I explored and exclaimed in great delight on the way to school.
-the first blossom. my jonquils are also coming out too now. spring is definitely on the way.
-quince blossom. this has been out for awhile, but for some reason I don't count it. it almost seems a winter flower it comes out so early.
-rolling hills of Jindivick.
-Poppet, just sitting up after rolling.
-Poppet thought Littlest should roll too. Littlest is not uncharacteristically cautious.
-a convention of sheep, curious about the rolling children.
-Littlest and me one wintry afternoon in the garden. that little fist has been rather desperately chewed on these past two weeks.

Joining with Em for wintry-almost-spring moments from our week. This has been an incredibly exciting week for us - full of wonderful news, but more of that anon… My beloved wants me to wait till it's all official before I make the big announcement...

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  1. Definitely wintry with a hint of spring, just gorgeous! Littlest is so cute