Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hello Queensland, here we come. We're moving North...

Blow the trumpets and bang the drum - The Phone of Destiny has finally rung and we'll be moving to Queensland in January! 

Woo-hoo and hallelujah!

For the past few weeks my Beloved's phone has been constantly at hand as we awaited The Phone Call.Whether pulling down a shed or inserting a cannula my Beloved has been on constant alert.* 

Of course, it was the day we decided that we wouldn't be hearing for another few weeks that The Phone of Destiny finally rang.My Beloved - the med-student, soon to be ex-med-student# -  will start his internship in his hometown in Queensland.

We have had all our fingers and toes crossed for this and have been hoping like mad. Much as I appreciate the green rolling hills of Gippsland and the beauty of the changing seasons down here, these four years have been a brutal and often lonely slog and we're both desperate to be close to family and friends.

My head is a mess of schools and kindies to enrol in, packing up the house, removalists and storage. We'll be staying with my Beloved's folks for a bit until we find a house so we don't have to worry about that, but I am making lists of all the lists I need to write up.

We're fizzy with excitement. 

My Beloved wants to return to his folk and I am looking forward to having a 'village' again. Living so close to my Beloved's sister again is cause for fireworks and champagne just by itself. 

Apart from that, the four years we've been here is double the length of time I've stayed in any other place since I left high school and my feet are itching for a change.

We're looking forward to weekends spent fishing with friends in balmy waters and weekly friday nights wine and cheese with all the family. While it's true that I'm essentially a cold-weather person, and I think temperatures involving sock-wearing are most spurring to my creativity, I spent so much of my twenties on various pacific islands the Pacific Ocean slipped into my blood. I'm frangipani dreaming now.

Queensland folk - prepare yourself - we're coming your way!

#Touch wood. We only have two more rotations to go, so we're hopeful he'll pass
*Med admin people are a strange breed. Last year when internships were being offered top students missed out on their first preference hospitals because they were in theatre attending operations when their phone rang and they couldn't scrub out in time to answer. Queensland health have a policy of phoning potential interns once, and if they don't answer, going on to the next student on the list. This made us nervous. 
Let the celebrations begin - we're going home!


  1. congratulations! I hope all the moving preparation isn't too crazy making. :-)

    I of course have no concept of Australian geography. Must go look at a map.
    where do your family live?

    1. At the moment the 'moving' is pretty exciting - emailing folk and looking at houses. When it comes time to actually pack boxes…I'm already trying to jettison stuff - we've just filled two skips and I've taken ten bags of stuff to the charity bins. We're about two hours east of Melbourne so it will be a 18-21 hour drive up to Queensland. We've done it before but it's a long slog - especially with kids. Still working out if we'll allI drive up or the kids and I will fly. Gulp! And do come visit in Queensland! I'm counting on introducing you to kangaroos - and my favourite - echidnas!

    2. must figure out how to save enough money to fly there....I am desperate to meet a kangaroo outside the zoo!!

  2. I feel your excitement … when my kids were little we lived in Melbourne for 3 years for Hubby's work. I still remember how ecstatic I was on the day we were told we could move back home. There's definitely no place like home :0)

    1. Definitely no place like home! Melbourne is my 'home' 'home' - but it's too expensive at the moment and going up to my husband's folk feels like coming home now.

  3. All the best for the homecoming! I hope your blog continues? Kegan's research suggested we need confirmation, contradiction and continuity as we grow. I hope your writing gives continuity! Jean

    1. Thank you! The blog will definitely continue!