Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Littlest (week 38)

Only two weeks until your due date now, little one.
It is getting so close I'm finding it hard to believe. Very soon little one, very soon we get to meet you. Sometimes we talk idly of who you are - will you be like your brother and sister - or completely different?
When I was pregnant with Poppet I wanted a baby who was exactly like the Sprocket - only female. I just couldn't imagine a more wonderful baby.
And of course when Poppet was born she was very like the Sprocket, she was easy going, mellow, a brilliant feeder, and pretty much the same weight and height. If you look at photos it's sometimes hard to tell them apart. A few weeks on and her features had become more refined, whereas his plumped up, and they were totally different, and now they are such characters in their own rights. While no one would think them anything other than brother and sister and they have many similarities - they are so very much themselves. 

We wonder who you will be. Who will you look like?
Really, we just want you healthy and safe.. but we're also very excited to meet you. We wonder if maybe you'll have dark hair, or dark eyes, I'd quite like red hair, but there's not a lot in the family. Do try not to have blue eyes like mine - the slightest bit of sun and if I don't have sunglasses I'm guaranteed a headache. They're not very appropriate for the Australian skies.
Last week when you were 37 weeks you were already measuring 39 weeks. I assume this week you're measuring for forty weeks and I have little doubt that you're on or approaching four kilos. Yes, I have been asked if you're twins, and when I say no, people ask about the size of your daddy.  

You are already looking to be very much like your brother and sister in size, my little one, as in very large. I think I might just give away the 0000 clothes, or hand them over to Poppet for her dolls. 

I suspect you won't be wearing them!
 I also suspect this is the reason that the simplest thing, the smallest walk, leaves me breathless. That I sit down and rest before taking a shower. Getting out of bed or out of a couch entails many noises along the lines of 'ahf, ah, oof, ouch, oof.'
I am hoping this means that when you come into the world you will be as alert and happy as your older siblings were. Also, as good at feeding. We are of the opinion we lucked out with your siblings as their baby-hoods were delightful. We're prepared for you maybe being a little colick-y. It seems too much good fortune to ask for that you should all be placid and trouble free

However, despite your size, now that you're the right way up, my hips and pelvis aren't nearly as painful. 
I'm just tired. I'm wondering if I'm up to this. I'm constantly sleepy. I fall asleep with the kids at 7.30 then wake in the middle of the night and worry that you're not moving enough. 
There's so much still to do to prepare for you - but it takes me so long to do anything. 
Baby brain has well and truly hit. I can have something in my hand one minute and absolutely no recollection of it the next minute. I write emails, and then forget to send them until two days later.
The ability for rational thought got lost many weeks ago. My thoughts all revolve around you, your arrival and how your brother and sister will respond to your arrival. With the occasional foray into the school-run, and how exactly we're going to cope.
You're moving now though, doing slow rolls, that feel very leisurely and water-born.  I feel a little something poking out just under my rib - I think it's a foot. We're playing a lot of 'guess the body part' with all your little bits.
Soon now, little one, soon. And um, earlier rather than later would be good. 

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