Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moments 15/52

- Preparing for Littlest. Nearly two weeks till she's due!
- Green hills of home. Hard to believe that only a couple months ago the hills were brown and fire raged. This has been our first properly autumnal week and I'm so deeply, deeply appreciative!
-An overcast beach - my favourite kind!
-A beach picnic. A little early for Hot Cross buns, but we love them so!
-Studying rockpools.
-Holding close to Daddy as they admire the big waves.
-Poppet, running along the sure.
-More rockpool studying!
-My sister-in-law has been visiting from Queensland this last week. My Poppet is devoted and I am so glad that she has such a special relationship with her aunty (and Godmother). We are greatly missing Aunty Bec now!  Hopefully she'll be down again soon!

Joining with the lovely Em of The Beetle Shack for moments from our week. 


  1. What a gorgeous set of photos.
    I wish you all the very best for your bebe's arrival. I can't wait to see her sweet face.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Much love
    elflyn x

  2. Replies
    1. I was so excited to find them! Most of them are from a brilliant RSCPA op-shop in Burwood - I still feel like I robbed the place as they were only a few dollars!

  3. So gorgeous! Love the photos on the beach x

    1. It was such a lovely day - autumn by the beach is my very favourite!

  4. There is something magical about an overcast beach! 2 weeks - yay!!!!!

    1. I can't believe it's only two weeks either - I feel a bit like a kid waiting for Christmas, only more so!

  5. I live the way the first photo adds your soon-to-be-born child to the family photos from this time! All the best! Jean