Sunday, April 20, 2014


- poppet, returning from the shore in evening light. 
- poppet walking on the shore.
- poppet in my jumper. two nights before the sprocket got soaked on our evening walk and came home in my jumper - that night it was poppet's turn to get soaked and come home in my jumper. a great length for covering baby bumps and enveloping wet children! 
- little toes at breakfast. I suspect that soon it will be cold enough that uggh boots and socks at breakfast are the norm so I'm appreciating little toes !
- a seagull admiring us at the playground. obviously it had no fear of me, as it stood a foot away and stared! It's been lovely seeing the familiar birds again at the beach - the fairy wrens and wattle birds in the garden, the hooded plovers on the shore - and of course the ubiquitous seagull! 
-sandy toes on the beach
- the fall of a wave
- banksia
- scraping the barrel of clothes in the last week/s of pregnancy - what can I still get to fit? - resulted in doc martens and velvet on the beach. I can now say how many days rather than weeks until our baby is due! While I was hoping our little one would come while we were at the beach - not even a swim in the not-so-warm-sea would induce her to come a little early and be a beach-baby, so I've resigned myself that she'll probably be a week late like the other ones… so still a little bit to go! 

Joining with the lovely Em of The Beetle Shack for moments from our week. We've been loving being down by the sea this last week, but are now home. However… I got sand in the camera lens so next weeks photos are going to be taken with my mum's macro lens while ours is (hopefully) repaired. Should be interesting. I'm hoping I can work out how to use it before our little one arrives! 


  1. your photos give such a beautiful feeling, always :)

  2. Beautiful photos Kirsty and all the best for the birth of your little one. Enjoy the uninterrupted nights while you can. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia