Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Littlest (Week 36)

Heading off for second last day at work. Top and wool robe from op-shop. Under-dress re-cycled back-up wedding dress. I'd like to say I got round to combing out my hair, but I just shoved it up in a bun.

Sweetheart, you didn't listen!
You're still breech and we're trying to work out what to do from here. We were thinking of trying to turn you, but the obstetrician, who is never flurried, made so many hms, looking at the ultrasound that  in the end (after a couple of sleepless nights of intense research) we decided that for you, the risks outweighed the benefits. "Hmm. There is not an excessive amount of fluid. Hmm. The placenta is anterior, we would have to go through it to turn the baby. Hmm. Your baby is measuring large for her dates. How big were your other babies?"
So it looks, my (not so little) love, that you will be large, like your brother and sister. Now we're just waiting for our next appointment to work out what we'll do, but it's entirely possible that we'll be getting a caesarean. Which is something that I'm still thinking through and researching.
Hopefully you'll turn though, little one. You do still have time! Your odds of turning are lower now, but I'm completely okay with you defying the odds. Turn little one, turn.
You are now over 2.5 kilos and have a powerful kick to you. You start moving more when you hear your daddy's voice and you love music.
We are in serious preparation mode and have nearly everything - it's just a matter of collating - which is very exciting!
As for me? I am lumbering. And large. And breathless. Your daddy got asked four times one morning when he dropped your brother off if I was in labour. And while you still aren't quite big enough to be born, I really think you could consider coming two weeks early. Do give it some thought!
I'm off to the physio today as my hips and pelvis are still keeping me up most of the night, and although it only takes a few seconds, rolling over in bed is agonising.
It is incredibly exciting that (as long as you aren't late) you are due this month. It seems a little hard to believe. Do be a little April baby! And remember, you can always come on your granddad's birthday… it's a lovely date… (not too far from now…)
Grow well little one, and turn, please turn. 


  1. Hope baby turns for you! At 38 weeks + 2 days my baby girl arrived. So lovely to meet our precious babies that tiny bit early! Wishing you a restful next week or so xx

    1. She finally turned! I'm hoping she comes early too… but going by the other ones I'm not particularly optimistic! Here's hoping though - the waiting is sooo hard!

  2. Fingers crossed that baby gets the memo & gets head down!

    I too had been researching c-sections & trying to get my head around it all & then yesterday my docto says she thinks the baby has turned! I'm not completly convinced as I kind of expected to feel some major maovement & all the kicks are still coming from the same places.... we'll just wait & see at our next appointment.

    Enjoy your work free time :)

    1. I'm so glad it seems your little one turned too! I didn't feel any major kicks (or even anything out of the ordinary!) and my little one had turned - maybe while we were sleeping and relaxed?
      Thinking of you and hoping your baby truly has turned! Good luck with the next appointment!