Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Great Reveal - boy, girl or monkey?

We had our twenty week ultrasound today.
I've been counting down for days. I woke up and turned to my Beloved this morning and beamed 'we're going to see our baby today!'
Poppet came along with us to the hospital and was very good. I managed to spill my water three times, but Poppet was very good. While my Sprocket would be quite happy to swap the baby for a spider, or a kitten, or even a chicken, my Poppet is quite keen on the idea of a baby and wouldn't even swap one for a puppy.
I hopped on the bed, the jelly went on (Poppet looked very interested at the mention of jelly) and we saw our littlest one. There was a lot of looking at blobs and going 'hmm, yes. That could be… something.' But there was also a lot of oohing and ahing over tiny toes and fingers, leg bones, delicate spines and heart-mushing profiles. The steady little heart beating was amazing.
Yes, it's the third time I've seen it - but each time it blows me away. There's a little person in there, listening, kicking, punching, peeing (surely not every twenty minutes - ugh!) growing.
The sonographer was great. He used lots of words like 'wonderful' and 'very healthy' and 'I'd be happy if my brain looked like that'. I suppose he must be used to dealing with nervy parents. I wasn't as nervous with Sprocket and Poppet. I suppose I know more now about all the things that can go wrong.
Our dates changed once again - but I tend to look at the dates as a leetle bit of a guesstimate.
And… boy, girl or monkey?
We've had a lot of people ask it we were going to find out. My Beloved and I have never been in any doubt about it. I read the ends of books if I'm unsure of the ending. I google the plots of movies to make sure I want to see them. I'm not a surprise kind of girl.
And we're going to need every day of the next twenty weeks to argue over discuss the name. So...
Well, the sonographer wouldn't bet his house on it, but he would go so far as to say he's ninety to ninety-five percent sure… we're having a little girl!


  1. A wee girl, how wonderful, Kirsty!! Lovely to hear all is coming along perfectly. Take care, Belinda x

  2. How exciting for you Kirsty! So lovely to hear that your little girl is growing perfectly .....

  3. I know - healthy little girl - yay yay yay!

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