Sunday, December 29, 2013


-Bubbles and Christmas lights on Christmas morning. And oops. Those 'jammies are on inside out…
-Christmas Lilies. I'm addicted to the heady smell of them. We had some on the table for Christmas eve dinner, and then arrived at the beach to find the last friends down had left a big bouquet. 
-My stoic shepherd and my ecstatic angel. 
-Down the orange clay road to the beach in the evening light. 
-The long suffering hound. Doctor Poppet is in the house (or on the verandah) and Issy is getting her nose bandaged. 
-Sandy feet.
-The swell on the back beach. I could watch for hours but the wind had the kids huddling and protecting their eyes. Earlier that day we'd seen a baby seal sunning itself on the rocks, with no sign of it's mother, so when the wind increased tenfold I was worried about the little one in the rough surf… 
-My Sprocket, wet from running in the waves, caught in evening light. 
-My Poppet. Dancing on the back beach. I think the sea calls out the dancer in all of us. The unalloyed joy, the complete living in the present is so precious. 

Joining with the lovely Em over at The Beetle Shack, and all the other lovely bloggers who took part for weekly stills, moments from our week. The very last one for 2013.

Our skin is tight with salt and sun and the sound of the waves is a constant. The perfect way to unwind for a big (and very exciting, if slightly overwhelming) year ahead.

To everyone who took part in weekly stills - thank you for sharing your lives and the biggest thank you for Em for organising the linky.

It's been wonderful feeling part of a worldwide community and seeing moments of captured time from so many families. It's so special being able to look through our year in photos, remembering so many things, small and big.


  1. Your shepherd and angel are absolutely gorgeous, Kirsty. I'm looking foward to hearing more about that big year you've got coming up! x

  2. Oh the sand on the feet…so beautiful!

  3. Wonderful photos Kirsty and I too agree that it's been wonderful to see everyone's photos and grateful that Emma hosted the link up. I always love photos of kids holding parents hands walking down the sweet. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia (ps...thanks for stopping in at my blog and leaving some lovely comments as well).

  4. Beautiful shots like always Kirsty!