Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Hand-y Christmas Wreath

There's something about Christmas that inspires me to make things. While the rest of the year I might be a bit slack with the glue stick, come Advent and out comes all the craft materials. 
Last week we all sat down and made a Christmas wreath for the front door down at the beach house. My parent's neighbours have one which I've greatly admired, so this year I set down to do a (rough) replica. 
As with all my favourite craft activities, this one is very easy. All you need is coloured paper (we used some wrapping paper from Oxfam), cardboard, glue, and a pencil. 

Step One. Cut a rough wreath shape out of cardboard. (Any old box will do) 
Step Two. Help your kids trace their hands on the paper you've chosen. You can either trace multiple times, or trace once or twice and then use the original as a template. 
Step Three. Cut out the hands, or help your kids to cut out the hands. 
Step Four. Paste the hands on the cardboard, layering as you go. A very kid friendly step! 

Voila! One wreath! 

Poppet, gluing hands.

 Sprocket. Using left over hands and scraps to make his own 3d collage.

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