Thursday, December 12, 2013

Australian Christmas Tree

When we came to our coast house so close to Christmas, I knew we'd need a Christmas tree. Nothing big, nothing fancy, but something festive. We found a branch of a gum tree and an old coffee container and used some paint to spray them golden. It worked like a charm and the kids were amazed, thinking it magic.
While I've tried to paint coffee containers before to disastrous, lumpy, splurgy, effect, I now know the secret is a can of spray paint. It was done in seconds, and dried within the day.
We filled the coffee container with sand from the shore, (you might be able to see we spilt some on the table) to keep our little tree upright, and voila. One very Australian Christmas Tree!
I thought about decorating it, but its golden gum nuts seem like decoration enough.
While I'll admit it's a little makeshift, I love our little trees simplicity and gleam, especially in the evening light. And I do like it when I actually get around to trying out an idea found on pinterest!

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