Sunday, December 15, 2013


- Our Christmas Dog. We didn't bring many toys down to the beach, but went to the op-shops in the first day and picked up some Christmas stuff. Hours of entertainment in a few Christmas hats! 
- Our Gluten free Christmas pudding. Made for my father-in-law (my Beloved was up till one as it took sooo long to steam). Unfortunately, he had to leave early to pick up some medicine… so it turned into my breakfast for the week! 
- Wet foliage at Point Addis. All week rain and shine seemed to swap every hour or so. Our Point Addis trip to see the caves was one of the wettest time! 
-Our makeshift Christmas tree. A branch and a can of paint and voila! 
-Poppet walking the back-beach. A new-old op-shop dress. I wasn't sure of it as it seemed very frilly, but I thought in the end it looked gorgeous. 
-Twenty-weeks. I can't believe we're half-way through. We have the ultrasound this week and are so excited. I also can't believe my bump is probably under half the size it will grow to… 
-Sprocket and Poppet going over the path to the back beach. 
-The kids in their PJ's playing with Sprockets new tool bench their Nana Sheba brought down from Queensland. Shortly after this Poppet decided all the screw fastenings were rings and began putting them on my fingers. 
-Sprocket eating his porridge. He may be appalling at eating veggies but at least he eats his porridge. He'd be quite happy to have it for lunch and dinner as well. (Okay, he often does.)
-The kids being swung in the hammock. (Or the space ship/rocket/sea ship, depending on their mood) 
-The kids in the sea. My Sprocket is an ocean boy and loves the waves. We don't want him to swim for awhile yet because of his grommets, but he's so desperate to get in and eager to go under. My Poppet is still very suspicious of waves. 
-Poppet on the way home. She reached the top of the dune steps and flung herself down on the path. 'I'm tired.'

This past week has been a beautiful, lazy beach week with nowhere in particular to go and nothing in particular to do, just listen to the sea, walk along the shore… bliss. This week is a lot more busy, doctors, dentists, end of year break ups, results, last minute Christmas shopping, Christmas card and present making… but I'm hoping we can hold on to some of last weeks calm!

Joining with the lovely Em of The Beetle Shack with moments from our week. 


  1. Beautiful shots Kirsty, that hammock looks like heaps of fun!

    1. The hammock was the best fun. I was scared they'd fall out but I think momentum kept them in!

  2. This is such a lovely post. You look beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week. x

  3. Cute bump! Hooray for 20 weeks, it's such a nice milestone. I love, love, love the hammock photo - just beautiful. Melania xx

    1. I love the twenty week mile stone. The morning sickness is all over, the worries go a bit and it all begins to feel wonderfully real! The little kicks and punches are the best! Thank you for dropping by!

  4. I love the doggie and the plum pudding and the plum pudding you ate (aka Bub growing inside) ha, a little joke. Beautiful pics. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. Oh wow....Your photos are AMAZING! What talent you have!!!!

  6. So many gorgeous pictures, you look especially wonderful!