Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekly Stills

-Rose Blossom Flowering Tea - it looked amazing and I watched enraptured for at least five minutes while it unfolded. But... my taste buds are not sophisticated enough to enjoy the taste. I was going to go thrifting for a glass tea-pot - but it turned out the bottle-in-a-glass glass my sister in law gave me for Christmas was perfect! Onwards with the search for the perfect tea!
-Happy happy joy joy! I can eat again! In the early weeks of pregnancy I used to wake in the night starving, as I couldn't think of anything that seemed remotely edible. Now all it seems I can do is dream of food. For breakfast I made a massive fruit platter - melons and mangoes, nashi pear, nectarines, walnuts and yoghurt and the kids and I went out onto the verandah and indulged.
-Poppet - eating mango. Even my Sprocket reluctantly tried it when I declared it a special Queensland food. "It's good!" he said in surprise. Mangoes - mm summer is definitely on the way! Sprocket seems convinced we're trying to poison him. He looked at us very suspiciously when we suggested that he really might like to try maple syrup on his pancakes this morning...
-Sprocket, looking so grown up.
-No more photos, mummy! Poppet hiding under the bench so I don't take any more photos of her...
-A rose in my garden. Me and roses? True love.
-Prunes and walnuts. Yep. The delights of pregnancy. Those of you who have been there might know why I ate these till I felt bloated. Those that don't? I'll leave you in blissful ignorance.
-Poppet running in the Rose Garden.
-My Sprocket - smelling one of the roses. He loves finding bees in the roses, and smells them sweetly when I rave about the scent.
-The Super -Villain in action. Every day every. single. one. of my edging bricks is moved. The children tell me it is a 'super-villain' who does it.  Oddly, they also come to show me a variety of slaters, millipedes, centipedes, grubs and spiders they find under said bricks. As soon as my Beloved finishes his exams we are concreting these bricks in place!

Joining with the lovely Em at The Beetle Shack for moments from our week. 


  1. Mmmm mangoes! Can't wait to get some.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. I love the light in your photos. Gorgeous!

  3. Mangoes? Already? I keep forgetting that this year is almost over. Isn't wonderful when you can eat again? And in all my pregnancies I craved mountains of fruit. Delicious.

  4. That first photo is so amazing.....a great collection of family moments. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia