Thursday, November 7, 2013

At The Playground

The kids and I are staying with my parents at the moment, in the green and leafy suburbs of Melbourne City.
I am deep in hedge-envy. (What, you haven't heard of hedge-envy? The deep covetousness of orderly lines and flows of bounteous leafiness, bordering lush English and Italian style gardens, the whole whispering 'established'. And let's not get to 'oak-envy' - the desire to transport the shady, oak lined streets of my childhood, to my own, not so shady present hometown, whose more obvious features are broken windows and power plants, although we do do a nice line in roses.)
Anyway, I met up with one of my best and oldest friends. We went to primary school, high school and uni together, holidayed in Scotland together and had kids around the same time.
And it was strange and gave me a little bit of a heart-melt to see our kids playing together - giggling wildly over kindy-humour, running across the oval, climbing up the slide - in one of the parks we used to go to as teens, not so very much older.
I don't know if the kids will stay friends. I don't know if their kids will play together, and if so in what city, town or state it will be, but I like to imagine that they will be friends, wherever they end up.


  1. It was wonderful to see the kids playing together. I will never forget years ago when we were teenagers in your room one afternoon and you were telling me about how your mother was visiting an old childhood friend hers. You said something about when we are that age and have kids wondering where we would be and I said I wonder if we will still be friends. You seemed shocked and said in a very matter of fact way “of course we will be”. And I thought to myself, yes we will be! From then on I knew we would always remain friends (though I never imagined I would be reading your blog, haha).
    Gorgeous pics like always!!!! xxx