Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Stills (with hints of silk & cream)

- Silk Worms at my Sprocket's kindy. They have started making cocoons and one particularly precocious caterpillar has emerged as a white butterfly. It seems the butterflies don't really fly. You really would need an awful lot of silk cocoons to make any garment!
- Thrifted silk baby petticoats, eagerly leapt upon at a church fete. All baby clothes were one dollar or fifty cents and there was a complete treasure trove of home knitted and hand stitched baby gear - including three of the most gorgeous little silk petticoats with lace edges. My Beloved asked what I'd do with them if our baby was a boy, to which I just rolled my eyes. Our boy will be wearing silk petticoats, obviously. On pinterest recently I came across a gorgeous boys pink velvet romper with lace from the early years of last century and was all inspired. Let us stand up for our boys right to silk, lace, velvet and pink!
-The silk petticoats. True love. I feel almost like I robbed the church fete though. A dollar each? Surely that's robbery?
-My Poppet, admiring some ants on her hand in early morning sunlight.
-A sleepy Poppet awaking tousled from a late afternoon nap. No, she didn't sleep for ages that night!
-Roses from 'the beast'. When we first bought our house there was a massive bramble patch (completely smothering a cherry-plum that had given up the good fight), about the size of a shed. Enduring great bloodshed we slashed it back to manageable height, and awaited the blooms. Here they are. I think they were worth our savaged flesh! I am unsure my Beloved would agree.

Joining (belatedly) with the lovely Em over at The Beetle Shack for moments of still from our week. 


  1. Love the shot of your sleepy poppet it's just gorgeous!

  2. Thank you! She was such a sleepy little one that afternoon I couldn't resist letting her sleep, although it was way too late in the day!

  3. Lovely photos... I adore those silk petticoats, how divine. Boys must and shall wear silk and brocade and velvet... it's the feel of the past, textures must be experienced.

  4. I do feel sorry for boys limited choices at the moment! It seems so unfair that girls can wear pretty much anything but guys have such a limited range. But you never know when the fashion wheel will change!

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