Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Stills

-Baby Scan for baby three - due next May!
-Me - trying on my wedding dress - twelve weeks pregnant. I was seven months pregnant at my wedding, but having lost weight with morning sickness and being at my lightest since pre-kid times, I wanted to see how much it needs taking in. Quite a lot!
-Beautiful rose in the front garden. The last twelve weeks have been miserable - sinusitis and then morning sickness - the roses coming out have seemed like a promise that better times are ahead. Please...
-Silkworms at my Sprocket's kindy. When I looked at them four hours earlier there were vast quantities of mulberry leaves - which they chomped through voraciously. I love the interesting things they do at the Kindy - there always seems to be something new and interesting.
-Some of the goodies at the stall my mum was manning on the weekend. Everything is made in East Timor and the profits all go to the region of Same.
-Poppet - checking out the world from a different angle.
-White roses on a red brick wall.
-Lavender and roses on a sunny spring afternoon - perfection. This is the lavender bush my Sprocket haunts, studying bees. He's been stung multiple times, but it doesn't put him off. I have explained how the poor bee dies when it stings... but the temptation to stick his nose closer is too strong!
-Bed. Where I want to be 24/7 at the moment. My Beloved has suggested that my extreme exhaustion may be caffeine withdrawal as well as morning sickness - I don't know. All I know is I would happily sleep for a couple of centuries... and then a few decades more!

Joining with the lovely Em over at The Beetle Shack for moments from our week.


  1. Congratulations!

    I had EXTREME, ALL-CONSUMING EXHAUSTION with my first pregnancy. I'd wake in the morning get up to make breakfast and then fall asleep on the couch before eating it! It was awful. Luckily I perked up somewhere around week 14/15. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you for the congrats!
      I keep wondering if being SO tired is normal - and then keep reminding myself - yes, it is! And I'm not sick any more and I can eat, so yay. Nearly at the magic 14 week mark! I feel so much better knowing it's not just me - I can so relate to falling asleep between making breakfast and eating it - at the moment my husband is bringing me porridge in bed!

  2. Hi, Baby! Lovely photos as always, Kirsty.
    Have you given up coffee voluntarily, or are you – as I was when I was pregnant – nauseated by even the smell?
    Being cheeky, I was wondering if I might 'borrow' your silkworm picture for my pinterest board? And my blog....?

    1. Just the smell of coffee has been making me sick! Also chocolate, but luckily that's getting better!
      And of course you may have the silkworm picture for your pinterest board and blog - I'll be pinning it myself onto Rosa's Silk board! I'm hoping to take some more photos this week with mulberry leaves in them but I'll email the ones I've got!

  3. Hi Kirsty, congratulations on Baby no. 3! What wonderful news. I hope you find plenty of time to relax and rest in that cosy bed. Thank-you for stopping by my blog. Melinda :)