Monday, October 14, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

It is often difficult, when one novel is finished, or at least in the editing stages, to work out which novel to start on next. There are generally two or three, or three or four, floating around in embryo, all with decent claims.
With Nano starting in a few weeks I had to nuckle down and make a decision. 
I had thought to use my Nano time to complete the novel that I half finished in Camp Nano in July. With 50,000 words done and the manuscript half complete, it seemed only sensible to finish the thing off. 
But no. That one, Fosterling, is too weighty, requiring too much research and (yes, I'm craven) too much emotional involvement. I will finish it ... soon. Maybe next years Nano? For this year, I want (need) to work on something light, and easy, frothy and fun. I had two possibilities: the third in my Emporium Sisters' series, about serious Caro and her tea shop, or a one off, steam-punk, flapperesque, apocalyptic novel set in an ancient library and the search for magical Golden Book that can Save the Known World. With zeppelin-pirates and a mechanical tiger familiar. 
I, of course, opted for the easy book.
I'll be working on Caro's story. The world is known (at least to me) the research is minimal, and it's the story that I presently spend my not-quite-waking-not-quite-sleeping-hours plotting out. I'm having fun with it. There's a fantastical green river delta floating on the back of a sleeping green dragon, a magical mah-jong set, a true-dreaming jade bowl, and a love story betweeen a (carnivorous) and slightly wild were-wolf, were-cat cross and an OCD vegan. 
So far I've plotted up to Chapter Fourteen on scrivener - only another eleven chapters and I'll be ready to start seriously writing. 
I think, I could be wrong, but I think the kids and I will get out the paints tomorrow and do some painting in the garden as its supposed to be a beautiful dragon. While my Poppet paints princesses and my Sprocket paints worms and robots, I intend to paint the Green Dragon Delta and the Kittubs' Fort. I suspect it will be messy. (Just a warning, Beloved. Expect to return to a house covered in green hand prints ... ) 


  1. I'm lucky because my last NaNoWriMo was the first in a four part series.I finished writing part 3 a month ago and wrote out the plot to part four, but I'm sitting on it until November (partially so I can spend some time editing and rewriting the parts I've already written), but since the first three books took place in the same world as book four, I really don't have to do much research or planning. The back story and characters are all in place.

  2. It does make it a lot easier to write in an already established world! I'm trying to hold off starting as well - I've told myself the outlining doesn't count - but I'll have to remember to delete their word count from the final! Good luck with Nano!