Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Stills - Floral

Various Blossoms and Roses of Spring. I have been so excited about my roses (finally!) coming out, and have recently noticed that the local rose garden is in full and glorious bloom. These roses were actually at my mum and dads, but rest assured, mine are just coming out as well! 

My Poppet - climbing in my bedroom window. Sometimes it seems the kids spend all day going in and out of my bedroom window, either going to search the front garden for bugs or returning with 'cute, darling, baby millipedes' or 'the biggest slater in the world.' 

My Poppet - holding one of her favourite cups. For her first birthday my mum got her a tea set of La Rosa from the op-shop, as Poppet and I share the same middle name 'Rosa'. She's devoted to it, but not particularly good at being gentle. We've been shifting a lot of furniture around on the weekend and Poppet managed to get hold of one of the hidden tea cups. "See, mama, I won't break it." 

The most exciting and wonderful arrival of spring - my little nephew. He is completely adorable and his big sister is devoted. 

Joining with the lovely Em from The Beetle Shack for moments from our week.