Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Three... Due in May!

So. I'm delighted to (finally!) announce that my Beloved and I are expecting our third baby in May next year. Our Baby is twelve weeks old (as of today!) and, after a rough few months, I'm starting to feel human again. 
To those of you who I've said 'no' to delicious looking home-made goodies - this is why! The Fusspot baby has had very decided ideas about what I can, and mostly, what I cannot, eat. Luckily, Fusspot  the baby seems to have stopped fussing, and I am dreaming about steak. Lots and lots of steak... 
The kids are very much looking forward to the arrival of their new sibling. Poppet tells me she will look after "the Princess Baby" while I'm at work, (no, we don't know the gender yet!)  and Sprocket tells me he's very proud of me for growing a baby. (I'm pretty proud of me, too!) 
I'm going to try my very hardest not to fill my blog with pregnancy/baby stuff, or Too Much Information stuff. But I have strong doubts as to my success. Because, you know, there's a gorgeous ittsy-bittsy baby on the way ... with the darling little toes, and the tiny fingers and the ... well... yes.  Look forward to normal brain functioning sometime in oh, maybe 2016? 


  1. Oh oh ohh!!! Huge virtual hug from across the ditch. And there was me worrying about you being 'poorly'. What fabulous news (and the news that you are feeling better is very good too).
    You can hold these months over sprog #3 when he/she is a teenager. You can tell them they caused you enough trouble before they were born and it is therefore their duty to be perfectly behaved.

    1. I will definitely be holding these months over the little one when they're a teen! We're very happy - and I'm very relieved to be starting to feel better! If I can just cut my sleep from 14 hours back to 9 and reclaim some writing/crit time everything will be perfect! Hopefully in time for Nano!

  2. Kirsty, what happy news!! Congratulations to you and your family. Belinda x