Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The River Winds Through

We visited friends who live in a valley at the foot of Mount Baw Baw on the weekend. My mind is still taken over with images of green, and the lull of the river winding through.

The kids got muddy, climbed trees and paddled in snow water. (Seriously, kids? I've swam in the ocean off Scotland in November, and Victoria in June, but nothing compared to the snow-water pool at Buchan Caves. The kids didn't even think the cold worth a mention. When I pointed it out and pleaded for jumper-wearing I was told - 'I like being cold.')
Forgive the excess of photos. I'm feeling guilty and am stocking up on 'outside' photos to point out to the kids when they're older. 'Those memories of sitting in front of the tv for hours on end? Totally false. Look!'  Today we've been inside most of the day, and apart from brief interludes to make scones, run outside to taste the hail and read some stories, Toy Story has been our biggest friend. The wind has battered at the house, rain has come in bitter flurries. Poppet and I have coughed and wheezed and inhaled eucalyptus steam. Winter-colds, I am so, so over you.
But look, I have proof, just a few days ago everything was blue-sky-sunny!

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