Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It's seven years today since my Beloved and I became a couple, an 'us', a 'we'.
Neither of us are entirely sure of our wedding date (20th? 21st? Um, yeah, around then) but we don't have any doubts about the day we first started going out. Everything else seemed a given from then.
No, I lie. We do have a few doubts. My beloved believes we began going out on the night of the twelfth, whereas obviously we began going out in the early hours of the thirteenth. You can see our dilemma. It's true, we've been bickering negotiating since day one. Through sickness (a lot of it) and health, good times (heaps) and bad, we've squabbled and discussed and debated and made up and began all over again.
It's seven years since I informed my beloved that as just about everyone else in Honiara (and my mum and friend back in Australia) knew we were going out, he probably should too.
We're an old, established couple now, and yet new stories, new skills, new ways constantly surprise us. Our time together seems so much more full, more weighty, than all the years before. Memories like jewels, or vividly coloured, richly fragranced flowers, assail me. So many, many precious moments.
Thanks for the good times, hon, and here's to many more to come!

This time Last Year. All the photos are presently still on a different computer, so I can't play with them (although we watched a slide show last night and oohed and aahed and promised the kids next time we go to the islands they will most definitely be coming. I miss living in the islands. So much.)

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