Thursday, August 8, 2013

tea with me

The kettle has boiled, and it's one of those times a big pot is required.
If you were here, come for tea with me, I'd offer the assortment - rose, peppermint, earl grey, chai, or any of the hidden ones at the back. I'd love to make you a pot of any of them, but you're more than welcome to share my Liquorice Legs. The blend of spearmint and liquorice is just what I need right now. Sweet, reflective.
Let's stretch, roll those shoulders, take a deep breath, sit up straighter. That's better.
We're in the Late Winter Slump at the moment. Spring is taunting me. The blossoms are enchanting and every day I check my bulbs and give them a pep-talk. Narcissus and tulip, fresia and jonquil, do hurry up, we so want to see you again! The daffodils sway in golden masses along the main streets of town, the wind almost flattening them. Blue skies and rain and bitter winds are playing tag.
But... all winter one sickness has followed another and now, heading into the make-or-break bit of the year, we're going in tired. Time to take stock, breathe deep, be still.
As the clock ticks down to exams I'm remembering a book I read, and re-read, and then re-read a few years back. Pip Pip, a Sideways Look at Time, by Jay Griffith, one of the most exciting, intoxicating and possibly edge-of-sanity writers I've read. Pip Pip discusses different notions of time, of how we talk of 'spending' time, 'wasting time', 'saving' time. Of different cultural notions of time, of 'fast' time and 'slow' time. I'm going to have to chase it down again, for so often I forget to take the time to be still, to savour this time I'm in now.
My own race with time is finished for now. I completed my third Nano (a novel - or 50,000 words, written in a month) on the night of the 31st of July, at nineteen minutes to midnight. Was I frantically checking the minutes? Yes, I was. Did it really matter if I was a few minutes late?
It was a self imposed task, with no one really caring but me.
I think it did matter, but I'm still pondering. I do love having so much of the story out in the world, to see how I can bring it together. I love knowing that I did it, that in the last year I've completed 150,000 words. The NaNo's bring structure to my writing year, forcing me to prioritise my writing. They are always a disaster for the house, (please don't look at the dust on top of my desk in the photo, I will dust... sometime) but I like it as a way of saying 'yes, this is important, it has a deadline'.  Already I'm counting down to November, and the next mad dash of NaNo words...

And you? How are things with you, in your part of the world? And what's your choice of tea?

Joining with the beautiful Em at teacups too for 'tea with me', a virtual cuppa! 


  1. I am always so in awe of anyone who completes a NaNo! I couldn't, I just don't think I have it in me! But I know writing is a discipline that I need to prioritise in my life if ever I'm going to get better, and really make this desire I have work! You should be super proud lovely!
    (and I DIDN'T just write 50,000 words, and I still have dust. There will always be dust!)
    Thank you so much for having me to tea!! xxx

  2. Lovely to find someone else who photographs teapots and cups of tea! I count daffodils too (103 yesterday) but hadn't thought of urging them on. Only way I get myself to write more than letters is to start little arts-based co-operative inquiries where the others keep me at it. Good resting/writing! Jean

  3. What a great idea to have a virtual cuppa... mine would be a chai just at this point... a little spicy pick me up for the mid to late arvo... glad you got so much writing done, that sure is a huge chunk. Can totally see the appeal in writing madly for short periods... the achievement!