Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Stills: Autumn

1. Autumn Leaves
2. Coffees on a rainy day
3. Crysanthemum
4. Autumn Leaf
5. Autumn Treasures... and op-shop treasures. My new little tea-set
6. Honey Toast. I know you can salt-gargle for cold throats... but lashings of manuka honey on toast is so much nicer. And I think the butter is very... healing.

We've had a week of rain and mist. It's been lovely. We've rugged up and done lots of baking. If you make brownies with wholemeal flour they're healthy. Really. I've loved listening to the rain and looking at it fall, the smells of burning wood and cooking marshmallows. I'm still amazed at how much more active my brain seems in brisker weather. The world seems twice as vibrant, as full of wonder. O, Autumn, I do so love you!

Joining with the wonderful Em (and her gorgeous newborn, Elke) at The Beetleshack for Sunday Stills


  1. It's a beautiful time of year, love these photos- they sum up autumn so nicely.

  2. such a nice series of autumn photos x

  3. Happy autumn! I'm living a season-free life right now, and as a Canadian who can't stand the cold, I'm totally appreciating this! However, it did rain last night, and I made a hot chocolate and pretended it was wintery. Autumn leaves, though. They are something!!! Lovely pictures.

    1. O - I so often miss the tropics! Any time the weather got remotely cold enough to wear sock and rain fell I'd light candles and pretend! Our weather is not nearly as extreme cold wise as Canada - this week won't go beyond 4c - for which I'm glad!

  4. Butter is super healing - and I'm sure it has excellent prophylactic elements too
    Lovely autumn shots

  5. Oh yes I agree, butter is very healing. Hope your feel better soon. xx

  6. I am nearly 99% convinced it was the butter that helped me get better!