Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dream Garden...

I love playing in the garden. I love the possibilities of planting a tiny seed or seedling and seeing the bounty it produces. I love walking around a nursery and oohing and aahing. I love digging in the dirt in crisp sun. And it's possible I've mentioned a few times before my love of my roses. Four of my roses are out at the moment and I stop every time I see them to coo at them. My pretty ones.
But I'm not much of a planner. I'm more of a 'Oooo. Pretty, lets plonk it in and see what happens.'
Recently we visited friends not far from home and got to admire their beautifully planned and maintained garden and I went into heartmelt. It was just stunning. The colours blending here, the pops of colour there, the symmetry of the hedges, but then the contrasting bounteous blooms...
Obviously I came away with ideas.
Not just for characters of mine who will have green thumbs, but for our garden.
On my to do list are now:
Dahlias. I never knew I loved them. In face, I thought I didn't, but seeing how their colours just glowed in the autumn, the stunning effect of them en masse, and a quick pinterest showing me how stunning they can look up close... I now foresee a lifelong... friendship. Not quite my love-affair with roses, but a strong and joyous relationship none the less!
Hedges. My beloved and I are unanimous. We just like them. My beloved loves the structure and symmetry and I love the green and the idea of half-hidden secret gardens...
Curving red brick paths... There's something about a curving path just crammed with promise, and I love old red brick.
So... garden plans... Our local op-shop is selling little 'box' seedlings for hedges. Only... they're randomly labelled, I think having come from a nursery evacuated with the bushfires. And I'm a little worried about buying a heap of mismatched hedge... but... It's tempting!
My granny has promised me dahlia tubers as soon as hers die down. And I am on the lookout...
And... I'm wondering how my beloved feels about sourcing some red bricks. We have some although they're a little bedraggled, but interest will be added.
I'm very excited and will be taking advantage of the last warmish days of autumn for garden time!

Do you enjoy garden work?
What are your plans for autumn? (or Spring?) Anyone else excited about bulb planting? Oooo... tulips... pretty... fresias, jonquils...Be still my heart!


  1. Oh I love gardening! I'm not sure I'll have much opportunity to do it when we get back as we'll be staying with my parents. But they have a big property, so who knows, maybe that's my big chance!! I would love to grow my own garlic!

  2. Lots of possibilities on a big property! Oddly, I just put aside some garlic cloves yesterday that had started spouting - hopefully I'll get around to planting them today! (Although I've no idea if it's the right season... here's to plonking in and hoping for the best!)