Wednesday, May 8, 2013

O the Places You'll Go...

My kids are into Dr Seuss at the moment.
How many times can one mum read Green Eggs and Ham in a row? Quite a lot.
Last night, cuddled up in bed against the cold, and companionably snuffling, we read All the Places You'll Go and it reminded me of a youtube my baby bro had shown me a few months back when he and my beloved were talking about the Burning man Festival in the US.
Now, the Burning man Festival looks very funky. Which I am not. And it involves camping. Which I do not do unless massive bribery and places of immense natural beauty are involved. (Read: the sea) And I am not entirely sure that people at the Burning man do not imbibe noxious substances. Which I am not a fan of. My beloved and baby bro plan to go one year, and I plan to stay at a nearby hotel with the kids and hear all about it from the comfort of a swimming pool.
But I loved the youtube.
It was so much fun to see a big-people interpretation of a kids book.


  1. I know people who go to Burning Man, and your understanding is pretty accurate.
    Perhaps when they go, you can visit me instead. Yeah, I live quite a ways away, but whatever. Once you get across the ocean, what's another 1,000 miles across the US?

    I can safely promise No Camping.

  2. Oh I'd love to visit! After traveling 15,000 miles to get there an extra 1000 would be nothing! Expect us not soonish... but, eventually! Hopefully this decade!