Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunday Stills

1. My Poppet with her baby-doll. Called Baby-Doll. Baby-Doll is about to be deserted as the soccer ball becomes more interesting. I will return to find it in the middle of the oval when it is dark. Oddly reminiscent of a poem I remember reading about a lost doll.
2. Playing in the playground. I love how atmospheric the light is at this time.
3. My Sprocket and my Poppet carefully sharing a large, black bug as they play in the dirt.
4. The green hills around home. Okay, a little bit of a drive, but home-ish!
5. Sprocket resting in the slide at the playground after a hard day at kindy. It takes a lot out of a boy keeping up with his 'pack'.
6. My Poppet giggling on the slide.
7.My Sprocket running on the beach. A glorious beach day at a new beach - Tarwin Lower. We hadn't gone before but instantly fell in love. We couldn't go swimming because of Sprocket's grommets, but had a wonderful time building sandcastles and playing wavey. And who can resist fish and chips at the beach.
8. My Poppet looking out to sea. She's not sure about waves.
9.My Sprocket walking along the fence.
10. Early morning spiders web.
11. Autumn leaves. I am entirely in love. The colours of autumn and the beautiful light are keeping me in a constant state of awe. Why can't it be Autumn all the time?

Joining with the wonderful Em of The Beetleshack for weekly stills.


  1. Those autumn leaves are just lovely - as is the light :)

  2. Rolling hills, rolling waves, autumn leaves and dewy spiderwebs - you officially live in heaven! Just beautiful!

    Visiting from The Beetle Shack

  3. Your Sprocket and Poppet are gorgeous and I love the photo of the dewy web, straight out of a fairy tale.

  4. Oh such cutie pies!!!! Gorgeous photos. xx